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NOW SALE IS STARTING: GTIN numbers have never been so easy to buy

Today, the GTIN number is hardly to be forgiven in everyday life: Here the numbers show themselves as time-saving and nerve-conserving in long queues. They ensure a reliable and prompt delivery of desired goods. A comfortable on-line shopping is thus possible at any time of day or night. The GTIN number enriches and at the same time facilitates the shopping however only since its general introduction in the year 1973. This also applies daily for an international purchase and sale.

What is a GTIN or EAN number now needed? The customer does not need them directly in the shop. The number known as the EAN or European Article Number is globally valid. The GTIN is displayed on a product packaging of each product. The number is generally composed of 13 digits in the normal form and 8 digits in the short form. The number includes information about the country of production and the manufacturer. An unambiguous identification of goods is only possible since a GTIN is assigned as a code internationally only once.

Thanks to GTIN / EAN numbers Save money, time and labor

There is a revolutionary advance in a product label. It is a key to global trading, which is usable for every product. This applies both to the optimization of a service for customers as well as for the merchandise management. At a supermarket, an EAN number is translated as a readable bar code or bar code. The code on the merchandise package is decoded using a scanner. The process works much faster than manually entering the GTIN alone. At the same time, a typical error rate of the manual detection of the number is reduced. The scanned data are sent to the central computer and can then be output. The GTIN / EAN number thus provides information about a price, price control and provides a direct receipt creation. In contrast to the manual input, a ticket slip is created error-free.

These are only a few of the advantages. A GTIN number allows continuous control of inventory and turnover. A dealer profits from a clear recording of a stock level. A coordination of purchasing is automated, so that there will be neither bottlenecks nor overcrowded warehouses. A product is traded in the store at the correct price because the price is entered centrally. Traders also order only the right quantities and prevent mis-orders.

Thanks to a code system, a permanently automated inventory is possible. The GTIN numbers prevent high costs. The search for goods also saves a lot of time. All in all, such an automation saves a lot of staff. In the past there were numerous employees for a goods receipt, the creation of labels or for a manual entry at a cash register. At any time, mistakes could occur. This, in particular, was a burden on employees and sometimes caused financial damage.

In today's world, automated collection of goods ensures that every product is laboriously hand-printed with a label. A GTIN number is used to identify an article on standard price lists. In global trade, it is also clear. An international standardization creates a basis for favorable European conditions.

Not even an inventory has to be done manually. This in turn prevents typing errors and similar human errors. Warehouse management operates reliably. If an inventory is running low, a dealer can react wisely. Massive costs are saved and inventory is optimally managed. Items can be sold as restposts or reordered at the appropriate time. Not only entrepreneurs benefit from this advantage, but of course the customers as well.

A more pleasant work supports the staff by little nervous activities. It is clear that a code system, such as the globally introduced GTIN code, guarantees a secure commercial activity. A turnover can be increased and additional costs are reduced. In general, efficiency can be increased and unnecessary work steps can be improved. The confidence of customers in a company is easy to increase.

Purchasing of GTIN numbers: also without a club membership or annual payment. In the past such requirements led to a direct purchase of EAN numbers for the GS1 group. The abbreviation GS1 stands for Global Standard One. This institution is known for awarding the numbers now known as GTIN. The award is usually responsible for the retail trade and not just for manufacturers and dealers. This creates an optimal basis for a commercial activity for everyone. A trade in goods and the establishment of a separate product line are easier. Theoretically, in any case. In practice this of course means a lot of work.

Of course, the allocation of GTIN numbers at the GS1 costs. Without membership in the club this is hardly possible. As a result of this, ongoing costs are enormous. The GS1 Group, of course, requires a one-off amount with a number-based targeting, but licensing fees and a usage price for one year also apply. In conjunction with the annual turnover, the costs also rise steadily. In other words, the more successful the trade, the more intensive the taxes on the GS1. In this context, international corporations are addressed as well as large entrepreneurs. This is a disadvantage for small private individuals or traders.

GTIN number now create other possibilities

In the meantime, a lot has changed, so that a request for GTIN / EAN numbers is affordable for everyone. This does not apply to international traders alone. Even local resellers are given an opportunity to get a GTIN number with a simple order. All licenses and annual fees are not applicable. These are otherwise based on the profit generated and the quantity ordered. Dealers now pay initial purchase costs. No other obligations need to be addressed. It is as simple as described. Customer satisfaction is in the foreground and an optimal service is offered for GTIN numbers. There are no special clauses or gag contracts in our philosophy. We provide you with a customized service according to your requirements.

When you purchase, you are guaranteed transparency and reliability. No club membership is required for this. An application for GTIN numbers is necessary once and also in connection with a long-term requirement. The available GTIN codes cover a global standard optimally. Not only through some unlimited validity, but also through a universal usability.

The application of GTIN / EAN numbers opens a door to a promising market. In recent years, the trade has established itself in the international sale and purchase. In most cases trading on common trading platforms such as Amazon or eBay without GTIN is not possible. Such codes can be applied for anywhere and can be used at any time in online trading. The GTIN numbers, however, are not limited to lucrative trade in the commercial or private sector. The GTIN or original EAN is a uniform number for manufacturers and distributors. This opens up manifold opportunities.

Provide your own product line with GTIN codes

Planning a product line is no longer very difficult. Similar products can then be assigned with a number. Good profits can be achieved. The purchase of GTIN numbers is simply possible and also codes are to be applied for. This could become a manufacturer from a dealer. Fortunately, this is also easy to implement online. There is then only creativity required when non-branding products and a GTIN number were purchased. The next step is to create a brand name, brand identity, labels and other things. And an individual product line has already been created. A sales price can be adapted to your own requirements. Often this is then even customized, so that high costs are better re-imported. However, this does not mean a willingness to buy.

Whether a newcomer or an old hare in the trade: The GTIN numbers form a mostly stable basis for an existence. Dealers or manufacturers thus create good conditions for a serious trade on all conceivable platforms. Favorable conditions create an additional advantage. We also design individually tailored offers or suitable packages of GTIN numbers. The methods of payment for purchasing are again absolutely secure. If you are applying for an EAN number, payment is made quickly so that you are promptly involved in international product marketing.

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