Rumors regarding Amazon blocking

According to a report on the Internet, which you may already have read, retailers will be blocked in Amazon using "wrong" EAN numbers. Since some of our customers are concerned and feel that they are affected, we would like to comment. We want to clarify the following points:

Firstly, none of the merchants we are in contact with have been contacted by Amazon or GS1 regarding the EAN numbers used.

Second: We use the EAN numbers sold with us also at Amazon as dealer and were also not contacted.

Third, EAN numbers are an international system. The first digits of the number are for a country, but they are not for sale in the corresponding area.

Fourthly: At Amazon Germany, countless foreign companies sell their products without EAN numbers of the GS1 Germany.

Fifthly: Our EAN numbers are original from the GS1 (other countries). These numbers come from an official transfer point and are not generated by chance!

In conclusion, to the best of our knowledge and belief, we have to say that Amazon has not yet proceeded against any dealers using our EAN numbers. If the message is something to be, it is to be assumed that one wants to proceed against completely completely false, thus randomly generated EAN numbers. Our numbers are definitely not affected.

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