Generator for the barcode

In various widths, the known bar code is provided with gaps and dashes. Often it is also referred to as bar code in this form. By means of a corresponding reading device, coded information can be read out from such a simple graphic. This is exactly how the scanners of a supermarket fund work. Each of us knows the scan surfaces at a checkout.

The origin

Of course, the idea is not really new. Already at the end of the 1940s an introduction of the technique was attempted. When the EAN bar codes and UPC codes were introduced, the technology gained in importance. She kept spreading. In retail, in practice, the bar codes, which would not be indispensable nowadays, are on every product.

Labeling and Barcode for Amazon

Advantages and implementation

At the core, barcodes are especially used in the merchandise trade. This also applies to the Onlineshop. They play a major role in encrypting article numbers, even for similar articles. Previously the numbers under the bar code were still known as EAN code and UPC code. Since 2009 they are called Global Trade Item Number or GTIN. They have clear advantages. A visibly faster handling is of great importance. They prevent that an article number for a product or the price should be typed manually. But they are simply scanned. This way of working is time-saving and works with a minimum error rate. Certain advantages are not limited to trading. Scanning simplifies warehousing, since items in the input and output need only be scanned. The stock remains always up-to-date.

Create a barcode online

Creating a corresponding code is the basis of the process. If a GTIN number already exists, a barcode generator is used as a tool. For example, an ISBN number or similar number is also required as the equivalent for the original EAN numbers. It is then converted into a sequence of strokes. A generated barcode is then only to be saved and printed out. A product is then provided with a label in the form of a label. In larger companies, purchased numbers and bar codes are usually already printed on an outer package.

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