Gs1 Barcode Generator

The barcode generator of the GS1

The GS1 is not an authority, but a global, private organization. Within this framework, global standards are maintained. All processes from the manufacturer into a trade are designed efficiently. The organization is known for awarding the current GTIN numbers and codes. The headquarters of GS1 are located in Brussels. In Cologne there is a German branch office. Your name is GS1 Germany GmbH.

UPC, EAN and the GS1

The European equivalent of the Uniform Code Council is EAN International. However, these two institutions were merged in 2009. This resulted in global article numbers, which extend the well-known EAN code. The Global Trade Item Number has been put into use since this date of the merger. In short, it is called GTIN or was known at the beginning as GS1 code. Nevertheless, the term EAN is still common.

The composition

The GTIN is available in variants of 8 digits, 12 or even 13 digits. Worldwide, a number can only be assigned once. An article and its supply chain are thus clearly identifiable. The GTIN with 13 digits indicates a country code and manufacturer identification for the first 7 to 9 digits. This is followed by 3 up to 5 digits for the product number. The number of digits varies to keep it at 13 digits. 12 digits contain an operating number from the first digit to digit 6 and an item number from the digits 7 to 11. If a GTIN has only 8 digits, a manufacturer identification is omitted. Only one country code and the product number are listed. The last digit is always a check digit.

A barcode generator for the GS1

The GS1 number is also displayed as a barcode. This simplifies the handling of the goods. Respective products are printed as bar codes on packages and labels. These names have become indispensable in retail. Such a code can be easily created. Using a barcode generator, the article number must be provided with a barcode. GS1 Germany offers its services free of charge for this purpose. An alternative is to create free tools for creating a barcode. The code can be downloaded and printed.

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