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In today's goods traffic, bar code has become indispensable. The lines are arranged in different widths. Also known as a bar code, a composition of strokes and gaps indicates this globally readable bar code.

Easy handling by encoded data

A barcode encrypts important data. Special scanners read these and pass data to a goods management department. Codes with an ISBN, an old UPC or EAN number can be used. However, a barcode is now created from the current GTIN number, which combines EAN and UPC. Important information is provided, which saves much effort on the merchandise trade. The code number does not always have to be typed manually thanks to the code. Binary symbols are read from the label instead of the effort. A globally valid standard is fulfilled. The GTIN numbers can be read out globally. Only a suitable hardware and software is required. Each manufacturer already has a code on a package, or traders use it for no-name products. Such code is also used by wholesalers, retailers or logistics service providers. Benefits for all parties involved in the value chain. After all, an error rate is reduced by typing. Inputs, outputs and the stock are easy to capture. And last but not least, a sale in the trade can work quickly by scanning goods.

Creating barcodes

A barcode is generated in different ways. GS1 Germany offers one possibility. In Germany it is officially responsible for awarding GTIN numbers. The service is however cost-intensive in the purchase of the GTIN number. A barcode is thus happily free of charge. The respective numbers produce a suitable coding. This is done in Code39 or Codebar. Such a code is then created and usually offered in different formats. The download is then possible in the form of PDF, Gif, Eps or about Png. As a supplement, even the Excel program, combined with an add-in, provides a generation of a desired global GTIN barcode.

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