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Anyone who wants to sell a product today needs an EAN number. Whether in a supermarket, at chain stores or on online platforms like Amazon & amp; ebay. With an EAN barcode, your product is always recognizable and optimized for the handler's POS system. EAN's open up completely new markets for you. Because only by assigning an EAN number you get the opportunity to use international trading platforms. What that brings? Access to millions of potential customers that you can never reach through your own online store. The industry giants Amazon and eBay have a dominant position in the market that you can take advantage of. EAN codes are an international system and not limited to Germany. You can also tackle the international market. EAN numbers can be entered by you as a handler at different registers. This enables product search, for example via smartphone apps, and thus a great advantage for your customers. Another advantage for you as a handler is the system behind the EAN codes. Use these to simplify your storage. In addition, the barcodes on your products also increase customer confidence. That's exactly how the products from the supermarket are known. Overall, EAN numbers bring great benefits to both the merchant and the customer.

EAN is international

The use of EAN codes is not limited to the German or the European market. Instead, at the latest since the merger of EAN International from Europe and the American equivalent Uniform Code Council on GS1, it is an international standard.

This is particularly evident from the fact that now around 90 percent of all products traded worldwide are equipped with an EAN or GTIN code.

Buy an EAN number: you have to know that

To buy an EAN number, they have different options. Which of these makes sense depends largely on the size of your business and the scope of your product range.


Your advantages with our EAN numbers

With you make exactly the right decision to buy your EAN numbers. Because with us you benefit from a number of advantages.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Low Prices (Due to the large amount of EAN numbers we sell, we have low purchase prices, which we gladly pass on to our customers.)
  • One-Time Payment (You pay us a one-time fee and can then use the created EAN numbers permanently, without incurring additional costs.)
  • Genuine EAN Codes (The EAN numbers you can buy from us have been issued by an official GS1 agency, making them truly genuine and internationally valid.)
  • First-class customer support (We always strive to satisfy you.) If you have questions about our offer, we will usually answer it within 24 hours.)/li>

Advantages of EAN or GTIN

The use of EAN, or GTIN numbers brings in practice a number of great advantages that benefit both manufacturers and dealers.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Worldwide, transparent standard for currently 90 percent of all products
  • Undoubtedly identifying products
  • Easily register items at checkout
  • Facilitated goods traffic thanks to automated warehousing
  • Increased security by avoiding typos
  • Individual articles do not have to be priced by hand

EAN with own company number

One way to purchase EAN numbers is to purchase a complete number pad that gives you a unique base number for your business. This means that you can freely assign the EAN codes within your number pad.

This variant is very expensive. Because alone for the rent of the base number fall already about 200 euro annually. In addition, you also have to pay a small percentage of your sales to the contracting authority.

Be careful with the barcode

If you want to create a barcode, you will need an EAN Code Generator. This converts the numbers of your EAN number and generates from them the barcode, which you can then print and print on the packaging of your product.

It is important to remember that you can only create a working EAN code if you have a valid EAN number.

There are many ways to create a barcode on the Internet. At least in theory, you could easily enter any 13 numbers there. However, such an EAN code is invalid and can cause you great problems. For example, using a counterfeit barcode could result in your merchant accounts being blocked on Ebay or Amazon.

Generieren Sie Ihre Barcodes daher keinesfalls selbst, sondern kaufen Sie Ihre EAN Codes bei einem seriösen Anbieter wie uns.

How many EAN numbers do I have to apply for?

As a dealer, you will need your own EAN number for each of your products. This also applies to similar items that differ only in individual points, such as their color.
Because the principle underlying the EAN or GTIN codes only works if each product can be clearly identified.
For example, if you offer the same item in blue, red and green, you should apply for a separate EAN number for each color variant of your product.

Cost-effective EAN codes for small businesses

For smaller retailers with only a few products, the application for a separate base number usually does not pay. Alternatively, they can switch to EAN codes whose base number is already registered to another company.

Since the EAN numbers are also unique in this variant, the purchase of such a GTIN code is not a problem. You can also market your product without restrictions on online marketplaces or in shops.

At the same time you save yourself the high costs associated with applying for EAN Codes with their own base number. For example, you can buy 10 EAN numbers for a one-time payment of 27.42 Euro net. These can be used indefinitely for your products. There are no additional costs.

Increase your sales with EAN codes

The use of EAN codes allows you, among other things, to list your goods at major online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay. With your own EAN number you can thus reach more customers and increase your sales in the future .

Thanks to our offer, applying for your EAN codes is not even expensive. So do not hesitate and create the barcodes for your products today.

We enjoy the confidence of the dealers

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