We collected and summarized the most relevant customer questions from several dozens of e-mails or telephone calls
We answer these questions:
· Are the EAN codes offered genuine?
· How to avoid warnings?
· Why are there so cheap EAN numbers?
· Do the EAN numbers have properties?
· What number of EAN numbers do I need?
· Is there a restriction on EAN numbers for products?
· How long are EAN numbers valid?
· Are there any additional fees or charges?
· Can I apply for other quantities of numbers?
· Are these EAN codes valid worldwide?
· For which industries are these EAN numbers valid?
· Are such EAN codes useful for my offer?
Please read the FAQ carefully. We answer about 97% of the customer questions for you here. If you still get to the end of the page and do not find an answer, go to the next step. We will also be happy to personally answer your questions.
Are the offered EAN codes really genuine?

Absolutely real. The EAN number is issued by an official GS1 office. So they are not fakes. These real numbers even meet international standards.
Does Amazon lock me when I use such EANs?
A rumor has recently come into circulation that dealers have been blocked at Amazon because they have used these EAN numbers. They would supposedly buy directly at the GS1 the numbers. Amazon has not confirmed such a message however!
We have therefore summarized important information for you: rumors regarding the blocking at Amazon
Alarming! How do you prevent warnings?
You are following an important rule if you want to avoid warnings for EAN numbers:
Do not use new EAN numbers for branded products. For example, if you want to enter the perfume of the Designer X at Amazon, you should not bypass the other merchants. You are not allowed to simply re-list the product and avoid other traders. It is unfair and leads to a warning.
Why are there EAN numbers so cheap?

In one month we sell over 1.2 million EAN numbers. Thus, a large part of the EU is supplied with EAN numbers. Consequently, favorable purchasing prices result accordingly.
Do the EAN numbers have special properties?
The EAN numbers are assigned to your personal company data. In comparison, our EAN numbers are not filled with properties. You have the option to define the properties yourself on an online platform or in your cash desk system. A content definition is not important for a sale, whether it is in the trade or for the Internet. They are indicated by an entry in the system.
What number of EAN numbers do I need for 5 products?

With 5 products I am unsure whether I need 5 EAN numbers or per sale a number?
The correct answer is that 5 EAN numbers are sufficient. An EAN number for a product is provided. This is independent of sales figures.
Is there a restriction on EAN numbers for products?
There are no restrictions. Only if products in the respective country violate applicable law. This applies, for example, to weapons or other products of this kind. However, this is usually not possible. However, ordinary products are not a problem.
For this there is a rule of thumb:

The best way to find the articles you can offer legally on ebay or Amazon and in the stationary trade. There is no difficulty for them either.
How long are EAN numbers actually valid?
You will receive EAN numbers with an unlimited validity. This means that our codes are also yours. You are solely responsible for your items. Thus, they are valid without restriction.
Are there other fees or charges?

Are there other licenses? Is there any further use? The answer is no. You pay for your EAN numbers with us only once for the acquisition costs. You do not pay any hidden fees, membership fees or annual fees. Only the price indicated in the order form is applicable.
Can I apply for other quantities of numbers?

In my individual case further quantities of EAN numbers are required, which deviate from the offer. Can I request a purchase individually? Yes, you will also receive a personal offer if the desired quantities differ from our current offer. We create an individual offer for you and let you do this.
Are EAN codes valid worldwide?
They also use the EAN number on a global scale, marketing their products, except in Canada or the USA.
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