EAN code generator

The former abbreviation for the GTIN is EAN. In long form, this is for European Article Number. Thanks to a code, a globally unique marking can take place for each article. This marking applies to the shop and the onlineshop. Typically, a GTIN number is attached to a package as a bar code. Corresponding products are then scanned, whereby deposited data simply have to be read. As early as 1977 such a standard was introduced. However, the GTIN numbers have now been generated by GS1 Globel and not by EAN International. For a GTIN simply the American counterpart UPC was combined with the standard from Europe.


The GTIN or EAN number was introduced for a better recognizability of the products. Each code is assigned only once. And there are other advantages. Simplifying the handling of goods is an advantage. Furthermore, the management of the inventory is improved and an expensive search within inventory lists is prevented. No prices have to be applied to the individual products. In this way, errors can also be avoided which endanger security for customers. A barcode generator optimizes the seriousness of a trader.


It is a worldwide standard. Whether the former European Article Number or today's GTIN, it is recognized in almost all countries. It is used for 90% of articles in use. The GTIN has even replaced the original UPC standard in the USA. A replacement of both variants is planned in the future by a GTIN-14.


Today's GTIN with its 13 places has a fixed order. The base consists of the first seven to nine digits. The first three digits are a country code and the other digits a company code. Three to five digits are available for each article. This always depends on how long the first part was. The last number is always a check digit. In addition, a GTIN-13 does not usually fit onto small products, so the GTIN-8 with 8 digits is used for small items.

Purchasing a GTIN code

It is advisable to buy a GTIN / EAN code at reputable dealers. We are a serious supplier with a shop for single numbers or extensive packages for GTIN numbers.

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