Ebay EAN code generator

A generator for the GTIN code

On eBay it was possible for a long period of time to trade without a mandatory marking article. However, this has changed for traders. If merchants want to set their items on eBay, the corresponding GTIN numbers must be given. These indicate the previous EAN number.

The GTIN for eBay: this is an obligation to label

It is a fixed-standard code. The product in question is hereby clearly identifiable. The GS1, the Global Standard One, is still awarded for the first time. Numbers are designed according to a fixed scheme. 8 digits, 12 or 13 digits are possible. The base number is composed of a country code and an operation code for 13 digits. An individual product number can be created. The last digit is always the test number. An internationally valid standard is set for an award. This ensures that product numbers are assigned once. This also makes it possible to assign a global assignment to articles. Goods movements can be carried out without interruption in production. Retailers, vendors and logistics service providers can clearly trace their items.

How does a merchant get GTIN numbers for eBay?

If a trader now wants to use eBay for his active trade, a labeling obligation is unavoidable. The product numbers according to fixed standards create numerous advantages for dealers, the platform and customers. As a rule, a seller reaches an improved visibility for goods. An additional security is created for a buyer. The GTIN is an exact article to identify. GTIN number can also be ordered in Germany via GS1 Germany GmbH. In the meantime, an alternative trader can also make a purchase. This variant is even proving to be inexpensive and suitable for small businesses. In our shop you get an opportunity to order the GTIN numbers and barcodes in packages. The scope is up to 1000 numbers or can be customized. A GTIN code with barcode can be purchased as a single number.

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