GTIN Generator

A Global Trade Item Number, also referred to as GTIN, is used to clearly identify products. This designation forms a standard. A product number is encrypted in the form of a barcode or barcode. The bar code is affixed or printed on goods. A scanner then reads the contents of the code. Often the GTIN number and the code for this number are equated. Nevertheless, they differ in content. Such a system was introduced globally as a standard in 2009. The former standards of EAN codes and the American UPC codes were compiled by the organization GS1. Old names are often still actively used, although they no longer exist. The codes are now called GTIN-8, GTIN-12 and GTIN-13.


Products are marked according to international standards. Identification is then carried out from manufacturer to consumer. This is important for the retailer and the retail chain. Goods are clearly recorded and managed. Problems with manual input are prevented by GTIN Barcode. Without a merchandise system, it is often difficult to manage large flows of goods. A simplification creates a change to a single system.


The GTIN seems to be only a succession of numbers for the customer. Of course, it has a structure. The code begins with a separate base number. This number designates the country of manufacture and an assigned operating number. The country in which the number was bought can also be identified. An identification for the country of manufacture and the operating number are followed by an article number within the company. Finally, a check digit is displayed. The respective sections are of different lengths and are coordinated with one another in the longitudinal direction. If it is a code with 8 digits, the operating number is omitted. This applies, for example, to small product sizes.

An outlook in the development

The current up to 13 digits will probably be replaced by 14-digit numbers in the future. This then forms an all-inclusive standard. However, a change to a new system will take years. A complete infrastructure for the hardware and software has to be adapted first. The right choice is still the GTIN-8 and GTIN-13. We recommend you our special offer for GTIN codes. These are available in individual numbers as single GTIN number or in larger bundles in our shop.

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