UPC EAN Generator

A generator for EAN and UPC

The American code has been known since its introduction as Universal Product Code or UPC. This is a standard form for creating UPC numbers and UPC codes. This means that goods in the retail sector can be clearly identified. A barcode is generated from the existing 12 digits. Scanners at cash desks can read this out optimally. In the USA and Canada such a standard was introduced and disseminated in the 1970s. In 2009, however, the UPC was linked to the EAN and became the GTIN-12. The organization GS1 Global assigns the codes centrally.

The construction of a code

An unambiguous identification of an article is possible thanks to the 12 digits globally. Each code is assigned only once, even for similar products in different variants. The first 6 digits are used as an ID for the dealer or manufacturer. Sections 7 to 11 allow a distribution of numbers to the assortment of the holder. The last digit, which is the 12th digit, is always the check digit.

Differences between the UPC code and EAN code

Basically, there is a significant difference between EAN number and UPC number. The previously used EAN number is 13 digits long. Both codes are still compatible. The UPC number could even be converted into an EAN number. For this, only a 0 must be placed at the front position, so that the 12 digits then become 13 digits.

Which standard is suitable for me?

Since the end of the 1970s EAN barcodes have been a standard worldwide. And yet an UPC code can be read by our Kassensyste EAN men. However, a UPC code was practically only used in North America. However, modern scanners can usually read both codes unambiguously. Although this is feasible, labeling for Europe should nevertheless be done by the GTIN or formerly the European Article Number. Traders should order the cost-effective GTIN-13 from our shop if they are not sold in the US.

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